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Chris Obertlik
Manager, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Nutrition Consultant & Pregnancy Training
NASM Certified
AFPA National Certification - Personal and Group Fitness
AFPA National Certification - Nutrition Consulting
AFPA Certified CEC's - Pre/Intra/Post Pregnancy Training
AFPA Certified CEC's - Functional Training For Sports
AFPA Certified CEC's - Physical Activity Interventions in Children & Adolescents
CPR/AED Certified 
AFPA Certified CEC's - Full Body Flexibility 
9 Years of Training Experience
*Adult Fitness Classes
*Adult One on One Sessions
*Pregnancy Training
*Trained athletes, teams, of all ages and sports
*Nutrition Seminars
Performed Training & Nutrition Seminars for clients, doctors, personal trainers, athletes, gyms, and gym owners in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Aruba
Multi sport High School and College Athlete
Nationally Ranked Obstacle Course Competitor

Marc Strazza

NASM - CPT, PES Certified
CPR/AED Certified
Sports performance, strength, and conditioning training for over 10 years
current NJABL baseball player
Hackensack High School Varsity Baseball strength/speed coach
police academy graduate (Bergen County Police Academy Class #109)
adult fitness classes
youth fitness classes
1 on 1 training of all ages (customized programs)
strength/speed/agility specialist



Get Away From the BORING Commercial Gym lifestyle that is filled with regular, mindless, ineffective machines and treadmills.  "LIV FIT"  is circuit training is based on a technique that involves moving from one high intensity exercise to another, each working a different muscle group until each muscle group has been worked. It includes strength training stations and cardio stations. Exercises are performed in intervals and timed by the instructor with rest periods between stations.
Circuit training is for both men and women of all ages.  Regardless of age or fitness level, circuit training is designed to push the individual according to their specific needs.  We all have different fitness level starting points, in the end it is you versus yourself in the gym.  At Cannonball Gym we help our clients to understand the difference between goals and a wish list.  As people we need to understand that our only enemy is really ourselves, and only we can decide what we will and will not achieve.  Everything is possible as long as we are willing to put in the time, the hard work, and have the enthusiasm to pursue our goals with the attitude of a winner.  Circuit training is used by martial artists, sprinters, gymnasts, dancers, tri-athlete’s, cross fit athletics, military training, swimmers, basketball players, soccer players, wrestlers, grapplers, etc… This doesn’t mean that you have to be one of these examples to train in a circuit training atmosphere.  Anyone can train in a circuit; all you need is the desire to be persistent in your work ethic.  




I started personal training at cannonball with Chris at the end of February 2016.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2014 and went through a year+ of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries through December 2015. I started with Chris soon after and have never felt better. I never thought I would ever feel "normal" physically or mentally again. But while being empathetic and knowledgeable about my medical situation- Chris treated me as a very able body! He pushes me and supports me through each session. The workouts are  always different and challenging.  I feel great and would recommend him without reservations. Chris is dedicated, professional, motivating, and truly cares for his clients. ---Cheryl E.


I started attending Chris' classes 2 years ago after having an 8 month bout with Epstein Barr.  Once I started feeling better I knew I needed a goal so I signed up for a Spartan race which I really had no idea how I was going to train for it.  Well the Universe works in magical ways because soon after signing up for the race I was introduced to Chris and his functional fitness program which resonated immediately.  Having Epstein Barr not only brings fatigue, it also causes brain fog so it was so easy to go into his classes and get a great workout, sweat a lot and not have to think about programming my workout.  Last year with all of his training and the great community of people that surrounds him I was able to complete my Spartan trifecta and 2 small triathlons.  Chris knows how to train for results and has created a community of like minded individuals that like the challenge he presents while having fun at the same time. ---Lynn V.
Hey Chris, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you guys are doing at the gym. After not working out for three years and only been back for two months, I'm starting to see results and couldn't be happier. Marc is an awesome trainer!!He's very dedicated, knowledgeable, and cares about everyone in the class! Thank you again for you guys doing an amazing job.
Nicole P


Ever since joining Cannonball Gym and following the TNT Training program led by our amazing trainer Chris Obertlik, I have seen tremendous improvements in my physical performance. I am much stronger, leaner, and faster than I could possibly imagine. Cannonball's facility includes everything you need to improve your strength, agility, and speed in a very comfortable atmosphere. Our trainer, Chris, is well certified and extremely knowledgeable! He tailors each workout to push us beyond our comforts and improve our specific fitness goals. I love being part of such a close fitness family that makes every intense and grueling workout more enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend this program at Cannonball to anyone! ---Jess I.


Simply, the Cannonball Fit program and trainers are the best! Many facilities have fitness programs, but the thing that sets Cannonball apart is the program that trainer Chris Obertlik has put together. The classes are like no other, safe and effective they will always challenge you. No matter your current fitness level, just about anyone can jump in and start getting fit. The group atmosphere is outstanding, a diverse membership of men and women of various ages and fitness levels supportive of each other. I'm over 50 years old and when I first started I had chronic back and shoulder pain. I no longer have any should pain and my back is virtually pain free. I haven’t felt this fit and healthy since I played high school sports and I look forward to going to the gym more than ever.---Chuck R.

Cannonball  Gym
110 Cannonball Rd.
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
Phone: (973) 907-7448

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