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Welcome to Cannonball Gym

Come join us! 

We have it ALL weights, sleds, prowlers, chains, sledge hammers, bands, ropes, rope climber machines, rowers, assault bikes, jacob ladders, all the FUN TOYS"

Indoor or outdoor training, we have the best classes!

Cannonball Gym is a powerful and inspiring  facility that offers intense and detail oriented instruction.  We train anyone looking to get into great shape and increase strength and also serious minded athletes who are interested in taking their sport to the next level. We provide a haven for those who demand real results from their training. Our environment will help you exceed your goals and rise above the rest.

Stop by today and try one of our professionally developed programs.
You will see and feel the difference in our gym the moment you walk in and excel in our environment .
We can work with you to produce results in your body that no other facility can match by combining strength training and circuit classes.  If you are looking to regain that hot body and strength you once had or looking forward to a new transformation of muscle tone and strength....Cannonball Gym is the place to achieve those goals.

*Come in and see what the buzz is about. 

We are proud to announce that TNT (Nunziato Training) will be now be the official training program at Cannonball. TNT will be officially running our high level sports performance strength speed and agility program out of Cannonball, Pompton Lakes. In addition to sports performance, they run intense adult circuit classes and 1-1 personal training. Please contact :  201-773.0992  for pricing and scheduling.

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Apex Wrestling School.

Apex Wrestling School was founded in 2001 by two time NCAA All- American and three time New Jersey state finalist, Damion Logan. The Apex staff is one of the most decorated and experienced coaching staffs in the country; the staff includes NCAA All-Americans, World Place Finishers, State Champions, USA Bronze Level Coaches and national awards winners.


*New testimonial*

I've been training with Chris Obertlik @TNT/CANNONBALLGYM for 11 months now & I believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I started Jan. 1st of 2017 & jumped right into the fire going 4 to 5 times a week. The classes are part of a group session which I truly enjoy because of the variety of other people in the gym and the challenges he puts me into everyday. When I'm working on whatever exercise I'm in the middle of doing, he will always come and check to make sure it's getting done the proper way, the one-on-one help has been tremendous. I am proud to say I've lost 91 lbs. to date with no sign of stopping in sight. My starting weight was 325 which is now down to 234, the goal was to lose 100 lbs in this calendar year & I am so close to doing it, it almost feels like a dream.
Chris is focused on helping me achieve my goals & makes every session challenging ( & amazingly fun ). My fitness has increased considerably from the bench press to doing sit ups & running.....yes RUNNING. That's never been my cup of tea, but the constant leg work & running or sprinting exercises have been great. I find that I can push myself harder during the workouts as time goes by because of the energy, drive & overall attitude to trying to succeed at this has taken over. I look forward to my workouts because of how I can now handle so much more & look forward to what's next. Chris keeps the classes fun, loose & at times insanely challenging, but we all put our heads down & try to smash through that exercise & show we can kick it's butt. One of the things I really enjoy is how he really makes it a FAMILY atmosphere in the gym. He puts together great & different events to keep it forever changing and fun for all. At any time he is available to go over nutrition, different kinds of exercises or any kind of fitness related questions.
The fact that Chris is always trying to ensure my technique is always correct, wants to know what's going on with me & always seems to have the next plan of action in place for me has been everything. I thoroughly love being a member @TNT/CANNONBALLGYM & have become a changed man because of it. I would recommend Chris & CANNONBALL GYM to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level with a dedicated trainer.

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Cannonball  Gym
110 Cannonball Rd.
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
Phone: (973) 907-7448

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