Cannonball Gym is a powerful and inspiring  facility that offers intense and detail oriented instruction.  We train anyone looking to get into great shape and increase strength and also serious minded athletes who are interested in taking their sport to the next level. We provide a haven for those who demand real results from their training. Our environment will help you exceed your goals and rise above the rest.

We pride ourselves on personal attention and specific instruction. You will not be just another number here.

Cannonball Gym has expanded!  The new expansion is located in the building next to us and offers a full service weight room that includes everything from cardio, to weights, to dumbbells, etc...a brand new general gym membership facility.  Our original facility offers all of our group class activities.     Click on photo to see details of our new equipment.

Personal Training

Cannonball Gym offers a variety of personal training programs uniquely designed by Austin Wall to help you get in shape, stay in shape or take your training to the next level.
Whether you are new to fitness or an experienced enthusiast, having a structured plan is crucial to achieving your health and fitness goals.   The absence of a detailed training plan is the number one culprit when it comes to training pitfalls such as lack of motivation, stagnant workouts and fitness plateaus.  As such, the role of a certified personal trainer becomes paramount when striving to attain and sustain your fitness goals.

Stop by today and try one of our professionally developed programs.
You will see and feel the difference in our gym the moment you walk in and excel in our environment .
We can work with you to produce results in your body that no other facility can match by combining strength training and circuit classes.  If you are looking to regain that hot body and strength you once had or looking forward to a new transformation of muscle tone and strength....Cannonball Gym is the place to achieve those goals.

*Come in and see what the buzz is about. 


We offer excellent instruction in our youth wrestling program.


**A new offseason conditioning program designed by Austin Wall of the Pompton Lakes-based Cannonball Gym
was also instated, and Matsakis has already seen the dividends of that training.


Working out hard on a Sunday morning





Jay Mohr on Wrestling. Must see!

I'm sorry this has taken me so long to write, but I just wanted to send you guys a note regarding our experience with the Cannonball Gym. First of all, let me thank you again on just giving our son the opportunity to train at the Gym. Second, What he learned from you both is immeasurable, and I'm not just talking about wrestling. Wrestling wise he learned more in the six weeks he was at the Cannonball Gym than he learned in the previous five years of Rec Wrestling. Starting with the four lines of defense and moving on to  takedowns and other moves. Your attention to detail (stance, head position, hands and body position) is so important to wrestling. I think that no other coach he's had (granted they're volunteers) has taught him the importance of those things or pushed him that hard or thought enough of him to push him that hard either. To his credit he took it all in and kept working hard. That's also a credit to you.  You both made him feel welcome right from the first night. You realized that he was not as advanced as the other wrestlers there, and you backed it up a couple of notches just to get him going. You have given him some self confidence that he has been lacking. He has not had many good experiences with team sports for some time because no one has given him a second thought. Even though he has the ability he has not gotten the opportunity (partially his fault). He has also told us that the High School practices are not as hard as yours. Wrestling is his favorite sport and as the sign on the wall says "There is no off season".

Thank you again and hope to see you soon,
M & D

        Eat right; maintain your weight, exercise. Do this and you will be rewarded with a long, healthy life.  We have heard this all our lives. Having a degree in Nutrition and a Masters in Exercise Physiology, I didn’t just talk the talk…I lived it!  And then, on August 11, 2011, my soul was tattooed forever by the following words “you have invasive breast cancer”.  The cancer diagnosis created immediate pandemonium and my life and the lives of my family and friends eternally changed in an instant. It was devastating.
        Recovery was excruciating.  My surgeon told me it would take 8-10 weeks to heal.  Finally, 10 months after my diagnosis I was cleared to exercise and get back to “normal”. I started to run again, but my joints fought back.  Cancer and its treatments left my body lifeless and with no strength. I was overwhelmingly frustrated. 

             My 11 year old son participates in a circuit training and wrestling program at a Cannonball Gym located in Pompton Lakes. My husband kept saying “You need to join this gym, try the circuit class”.  Always being a loner when it came to exercising I was hesitant and resisted in going.  He nagged so much that I finally went and met with Coach Austin just to keep him quiet.  I knew I wasn’t going to like it. 
             I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Coach Austin and Dominick are the most compassionate, devoted, focused, individuals I have ever met.  They work with my limitations and constantly provide me with alternate exercises that are challenging and creative.  Their guidance and continued support has transformed my lifeless body into a powerful, strong, ALIVE one. This gym not only saved me physically but mentally as well.  It has given me hope for a strong future. 
           I am eternally grateful and appreciative of the generosity and kindness of so many.  My family, dear friends and community both at work and home united to help me fight and ease some of the pain that cancer caused.  My medical team and local hospital who continue to monitor and evaluate me so that I remain cancer free.  And of course the gym who has provided me with hope and both inner and outer strength.

Cannonball  Gym
110 Cannonball Rd.
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
Phone: (973) 907-7448

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